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WEWA (Women Empowering Women in Action)

March 22, 2016  •  2 Comments





Welcome to the next movement of the woman to woman transformation for a greater generation of females tomorrow! WEWA (Women Empowering Women in Action) is the art of action from one enlightened, intelligent & beautiful female to another,  working in harmony to shift the perception that society has created on the being a "woman".  


Who is WEWA?

WEWA is every true goddess. She is your sister, she is your mother, she is your friend, she is your mentor and your daughter. She is strong, independent and fearless. She is loving and nurturing and recognizes the importance of inspiring and uplifting other women, young and old. She believes her abilities are not confined to the ideals society has placed on her just because she is a woman, and she encourages other women to defy their dreams and passions without limitation. The WEWA ambassador is a reflection of truth, loyalty and courage sharing her heroism amongst other divine feminines.

What WEWA does?

WEWA stands for the present moment as a social movement towards the paradigm shift to empower and reshape female to female relationships in the workplace, daily life, education, and overall mental and emotional state. WEWA ambassadors work together to positively uplift each other through words of encouragement, actions and love.

How does one be part of WEWA?

Anyone can be part of WEWA starting right now! You can be part of this beautiful revolution by taking a personal vow to honor what WEWA stands for throughout your daily life. There are no fees, no applications to fill out or volunteering...Being part of WEWA is a personal lifestyle choice to take accountability for one's actions, just as one adopts better eating habits to improve their health. WEWA is your own, loving and uplifting practice towards conscious awareness at this very moment. Here are some examples of a WEWA ambassador:


  •  Always reminding another female of her courage and strength to stand by her passions. Life often tries to test our limits and sometimes these limits can come across as failures. Through use of words of encouragement and support the WEWA ambassador can help uplift one another during a low point in a woman's journey.
  • It is important for every WEWA ambassador to recognize each other in the workplace. By honoring a woman's skills, intelligence and talent as an essential contribution within a team environment. WEWA ambassadors recognize the importance to see one another as non-threatening and embrace what unique abilities each member has to contribute in order to achieve a greater purpose as a team.
  • WEWA is a community of women honoring the endless potential of each one of it's members. As a community, WEWA ambassadors stand together representing growth to women of all ages. WEWA is a fully-inclusive social movement thriving on diversity. WEWA is every woman regardless of race, color, age, height, weight or social status. 
  • WEWA is authentic in recognizing happiness is a choice. We all have opinions that define us as individuals. Although, WEWA is a collection of amazingly strong women, WEWA also respects that each woman is special and beautiful in her own way.
  • Most importantly, As a WEWA ambassador, it is important to spread the word, inspire, educate and embrace other women. Being the change you want to see in the world is strength alone solely as an individual and indefinite as a community. Your actions are formula to re-establish a new generation of incredible females. #WEWA.


WEWA is always growing! Spread the word and share your inspirational story here! Comments of positivity, healing, advice and encouragement are always welcome. Let's grow together!















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Jen Johnson(non-registered)
I love it so much...let's empower each other because we are whole complete and perfect and should fee that way every day in all situations.Thank you for putting the time to really put this together! I know that it took something for you to do and your dedication to creating this paradigm shift in the world is amazing. You're awesome! I am a stand for women to be stable, connected, driven, and unstoppable all month long by creating awareness that our monthly cycle is a blessing not a curse and that we have control of ourselves and our hormones...we just need to balance them.
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